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"Draw and paint with me in your medium of choice"

Announcing the Break-a-Brush! Mentoring Program:

We're here to help support and guide your artistic goals - developing confidence, technique and creativity in order to draw and paint expressively, with aplomb.

From relative beginners to practiced artists wanting to pursue a new style, mentoring will be designed specifically to your needs and expectations, comprising the following:

A bespoke drawing and painting mentoring program in the medium of your choice: oil, acrylic, watercolour or drawing in dry media, including pastel;

Dual emphasis on sound technique and developing your artistic style;

Aligning with your specific needs, common themes are dovetailed with practices tailored to your aims and medium;

We start with a three-month outlook of goals, points of reference, cadence and other relevant factors;

Weekly assignments and advice are sent by email. These normally include one or more reference images, links to videos and/or text instructions;

A review of each assignment is provided, as well as comments on other of your painting projects that you might wish to include. This can be either by return of email or scheduled via Skype;

Regular monthly progress meetings are held by Skype or in person, as might be agreed, depending upon logistics;

Cost is $100.00 per month prepaid by cash, cheque or PayPal.

Together we will dispel myths and develop sound practices, creativity and expression!

Reserve by Paypal: click here

Reserve by cheque or cash: france@davidkearn.com, tel: 613 620 6737.

The 2018 Break-a-Brush! Winter Saturday Workshop Program

Saturday 03 Feb 2018: In the footsteps of the Group of Seven

Follow in the footsteps of the Group of Seven for a sketching and painting expedition in the Canadian wilderness. Create dry media and paint sketches using sound practices as they apply to the Canadian landscape: composition, simplification, colour and value - with a modernist edge! During annual trips to the north shore of Lake Superior, members of the group evolved the style the Group of Seven is best known for: rich, decorative colours melding with deeply-felt perceptions of nature. Whether inspired by the stark and mystical landscapes of Lawren Harris, the lyrical styles of J.E.H. MacDonald and Arthur Lismer or the consummate paint mastery of A.Y. Jackson, join us for a day in the company of the most legendary group of Canadian painters.

Saturday 10 Feb 2018: Limitless Colour

Paintings are invariably more than they seem. This workshop explains how colours work together in practice and develops some key approaches, such as demystifying and mixing for experienced artists and beginners alike. Instruction and coaching will include sound colour theory and a major part will be its application in practical art. For beginners, it will establish touchstone practices and accelerate artistic development. More experienced artists will come away with the confidence to develop new palettes, techniques and also break rules with aplomb. Colour takes paintings to giddy heights or sends them to the depths with little in between. The consummate impressionist Claude Monet remarked: “Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.”

Saturday 24 Feb 2018: From Klimt to Klee – Expressionism in the 20th century

Through these two very different artists, Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee, we see breadth and diversity in the explosion of creativity in Austria and Germany through first part of the 20th Century. Klimt was successful in social and commercial circles with his dramatic design effects in portraits and figurative works. The younger Klee was constantly intrigued by studies and abstract ideas that seem to appear directly from his mind. In many ways, he was an artist's artist. In addition to Klimt and Klee, we'll also visit some other great artists of the period including Kandinsky and Kokoschka for a fascinating day in the company of Germanic Expressionists. The National Gallery has just acquired two additional Klimts now on display in the permanent collection.

Saturday 03 Mar 2018: Multiple perspectives - The perfect....imperfect

This workshop will focus on perspective in a range of real-world environments. Single, two and three-point linear perspective will be covered and perhaps equally importantly, approaches on when to follow the rules and when to bend them. There will be a focus on getting started with effective layouts, use of space and ranging, and construction. The role of composition, rendering and colour including atmospheric perspective, will be explained and applied separately and in conjunction with linear perspective. Instruction and coaching will clarify how perspective helps with various subjects and styles.

Saturday 17 Mar 2018: The 100th Break-a-Brush workshop – profiling some of our favorite artists and techniques!

Marking our 100th Break-a-Brush workshop, David will review some of his most his favored painting processes and techniques as well as comment on artists that have influenced his work. He will take requests for demos and segments from the participants! This may well include: A trio of drawing techniques and why they are key; Starting watercolor portraits and figures; Value blocking in oils and acrylic; Combining line and watercolour wash; Impasto for expressive still life; Colour washes and glazes; Finishing tricks!

Saturday 24 Mar 2018: People in their environments

This workshop will explore creating vivid living compositions in dry media and paint, working from both live model and photo references. The workshop will include trusted drawing techniques and painting using a variety of media applied individually and in combination. There will be a focus on observation, sound technique and structure, along with exploring people in real world situations - placing people into scenes and compositions. Individual coaching will be provided, based on each student's needs and goals.

The sessions take place on Saturdays, from 09:30 am to 04:30 pm at Rothwell United Church, 42 Sumac Street, Ottawa, K1J 6P7

The ground floor studio offers good natural light and easy access for all participants

Map to the Rothwell United Church: click here

Cost per workshop is $100.00.

Reserve any 4-plus workshops at a cost of $75.00 each.

Reserve via cash or cheque; france@davidkearn.com, tel: 613 620 6737

Reserve by Paypal: click here

Further Information: david@davidkearn.com, tel: 613 620 6737

About Break-a-Brush! Workshops

We know of few catalysts that capture imagination more than art does. Art thrives on community, for without an audience, it could not flourish. It continues to be a perfect medium to bring people together to communicate and create in more than just artistic ways. It changes people, enables them to grow and lets them forget about the immediate - at least for a little while! Our workshops are designed to encourage what comes naturally, making learning, pushing boundaries and creating flow easily.

We cover key painting subjects and walk with some incredible master painters. In each workshop, participants create an artwork from scratch or bring along a work-in-progress and are welcome to use the medium of their choice. Break-a-Brush! Workshops will appeal to a wide range of skill levels: from relative beginners, to practiced artists wanting to pursue a new style. Together we will dispel myths and develop sound practices, creativity and expression!

Winter Courses at the Ottawa School of Art:

W18D014A: Expressive Portraits and the Clothed Figure!

...portraits and figures from live models, in the medium of your choice.

Campus: Downtown, Start Date: 25/01/2018 End Date: 05/04/2018, Schedule: Thursday from 09:30 - 12:30

W18D002C: Introduction to Drawing - with Mixed Media!

...unlock the magic of drawing, with various media!

Campus: Downtown, Start Date: 24/01/2018 End Date: 04/04/2018, Schedule: Wedensday from 18:30 - 21:30

W18D011C Paint in Acrylics and Oils: Pursuing Your Style!

... unlock the magic of painting!

Campus: Downtown, Start Date: 25/01/2018 End Date: 05/04/2018, Schedule: Thursday from 13:00 - 16:00

W18S014 Drawing and Painting Portraits: The Clothed Figure

...explore creating vital portraits and figures in dry media and paint!

Campus: Orleans, Start Date: 24/01/2018 End Date: 04/04/2018, Schedule: Wednesday from 09:30 - 12:30

W18S001: Introduction to Drawing - with Mixed Media!

...unlock the magic of drawing, with various media!

Campus: Orleans, Start Date: 24/01/2018 End Date: 04/04/2018, Schedule: Wednesday from 13:00 - 16:00

Downtown registration: 35 George St., Tel: 613-241-7471.

Orleans registration: Shenkman Centre, 245 Centrum Tel: 613-580-2765.

Register on line at: www.artottawa.ca