"I particularly enjoy commissions: working on a personal piece that you and your family can appreciate for generations"


A commissioned work of art is an opportunity to convey something unique about a special relationship: a classic portrait of a loved one or perhaps, a special place, a significant event, or cherished possession.

I work from both life and photos depending on practicalities and approach the work in the following way:

I like to review general interests before diving into the specifics of the planned work. This could include ideas of mood from existing works, overall style and form and the role you see for the commissioned artwork;

We then spend some time ensuring medium, size and composition are all reviewed before starting work. This typically includes review of existing or new photos and can also include some preliminary sketches;

During the creation of the artwork, I keep you informed as to how it is progressing and typically this goes hand in hand with questions and portrait sittings as appropriate;

I only deliver work that is enjoyable in your eyes as to mine and final adjustments are discussed and agreed upon.

I look forward to talking with you.

David Kearn